The Ghosts of Senate House is one part of a creative research project led by Sarah Sparkes. It serves as an archive for uncanny, apocryphal stories emanating from Senate House. These stories formed part of "a Magical library for the 21st Century" an archive of writings, recordings, artwork, artefacts, and other contributions, which was first shown at the University of London as part of The Bloomsbury Festival October 2011.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Shy ghost in the stack

"It was a February evening and I went to the 8th floor of the stack to look for a couple of books. The first book was in a room at the southern end of the building. As I knelt down to look for the book I felt a very light touch on my left shoulder as if my cardigan had been pulled slightly away from my skin. There was obviously nobody there but I felt a little odd and a little scared, so quickly found the book and left the room [...] I cannot explain what happened. I was not close to the other shelving and there was nothing behind me." NB: the Harry Price Library was for many years housed on the 8th floor.

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  1. the infamous 8th floor - I expect we'll be hearing more about it...